bmw art calendar

the BMW art calendar  is a charity project which was instigated some years ago by munich journalist birgitt wolff.

it involves 24 artists each donating a work of art, which is in turn purchased by one of the 24 sponsor companies.

in december a “window” is then opened every day – the work of art is thus unveiled at one of the locations (BMW headquarters in munich and berlin and gewandhaus leipzig) and presented to the public by the press and tv.
in 2010, € 160,000 was raised for the josé carreras leukaemia foundation within the scope of this project alone.

amongst other events, for the pr campaigns celebreties known from opera, movie or tv joined artists in their studios to create an additional work of art, which was then auctioned on behalf of the carreras foundation.

to view the video clip of young german actor vinzenz kiefer at my studio in germany please klick here..

the latest (2012) edition of the BMW art calendar is available online under:

some of the photos taken during painting sessions at the studio show vinzenz kiefer and me in action – the other photos of the “unveiling” in the gewandhaus in leipzig show birgitt wolff, vinzenz kiefer and the managing partners of bruno banani, wolfgang jassner and son.

you will also find pdf files of charity magazin and an attachment from the leipziger volkszeitung with information on the bmw art calendar and interesting facts about the participating artists.



photography: jeanette zehentmayer